What your mother told you is true!

I do not think anyone could have guessed my mother would become a millionaire. After all, she started out in life with almost nothing. Yet, certain principles she holds dear in life seem to work together to help her attain wealth. These principles were not taught to her, rather, she taught herself through trial and error.

She has a wise saying, “Rich people should not be envied. They should be copied.”

Later, I found out that these principles are universal for attaining wealth. They have been used for thousands of years by wealthy individuals in every civilisation! They have worked in the past and will surely work today.

My mother assures it will work for everyone!

In this book, the author has collected tried and true principles held dear by his mother and compiled them in a book for inspiration and easy reference. These principles were handed down generation to generation, instilled through culture and good training. This book is easy to read and simple to apply.

In short,

“What your mother told you about life and success is true!”

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One Response to What your mother told you is true!

  1. margie says:

    I will tell my friends in Holland about this book…..!
    Looking forward to meet the author at the end of the month!


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