It has been said that “money is the root of all evil” and certainly, most of us have been taught not to pursue “money.” Parents teach their children not to be a “money face” i.e. someone who loves money. Rather, we have been taught to work hard and hope for the best.

Originally, the above quote is from the Bible and it actually says, “…the love of money is the root of all evil.” It is referring to greedy people who will do anything to get their hands on money.

We have often heard of people who will unscrupulously destroy others or nature just to be rich. For this group of people, the love of money has become an evil to them.

On the other hand, there are many rich people who use their money for good. And let me tell you, there are far more rich people who are good than bad. This group of people know how to make money and know how to share it with others.

Good examples would be the Rockefeller Foundation which was founded in 1913. It was started by John D. Rockefeller who made his money in the oil industry. The Rockefeller Foundation’s mission is to “promote the well-being of mankind throughout the world.” (

When we dream of making money, we dream of a better life for ourselves, our families and the people around us.

The coveted Nobel prizes are also good examples of a rich man using his money for the good of others. Alfred Nobel, a Swedish scientist who invented dynamite and subsequently because wealthy by it, bequeathed his immense wealth to spur others to promote a better world for his fellow human beings.

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