Who would have guessed my mother would someday be wealthy? Certainly no one; not even my mother herself!

Yet, by the age of 50-something, she became a millionaire. How did this unassuming school teacher with no university education achieve this seemingly impossible feat? While many retired teachers complain about their measly pensions, how did my mother come into such wealth? Her simple secrets are noted in this book!

My mother never read books of how to be wealthy nor did she attend seminars on it, yet today she enjoys an exciting lifestyle. She never attended university, yet she can teach you and me something about making money.

She has holidayed in North America, Europe, many parts of Asia and Australia. She even financed her children’s overseas education. To date, she has spent a lot of money renovating her house – something she is passionate about. Every year she can afford to take one or even two holidays overseas.

She did not have a millionaire mentor to guide her nor did she come rich from a rich family. Her wealth was not inherited yet she attained wealth before her retirement age.

My mother is by no means a famous person nor does she stand out in any way. Still, this simple woman managed to accumulate enough wealth to become a millionaire.

She was born when World War II was coming to an end. During those days, Malaya was not even independent yet. The country suffered terribly in the hands of its invader. Food and other necessities were hard to come by for everyone who survived the terrible war.

(Get your copy of “Secrets of how My Mother became a Millionaire” book available at MPH bookstores nationwide and other good bookstores to read more)


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