My mother is well known as a congenial and friendly person. I might add, she is a bit of a kay-poh (busybody) sometimes. When she is with her lady friends, they would talk non-stop about everything!

Western society would shun such behaviour but my mother’s busybody activities worked to her advantage!

In gossiping with her friends, she subtly found out the needs of her friends. Being the enterprising woman that she is, she would then approach them with her wares.

During her years as a school teacher, she found out that the Malay teachers loved to decorate their bedrooms. These teachers took great pride in beautiful bedrooms. This desire was even more so during the Hari Raya festivities.

My mother would then zip out to find suppliers of such bedroom wares; from curtains to bed comforters. She would collect a few catalogues and agree on a selling price with the supplier. Then, she would show the catalogues to her colleagues and take their orders! Simple, isn’t it?

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