My mother loves to invest in property. Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the best seller, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” points out the 100:10:3:1 rule. This means, my mother has to look through 100 properties to find 10 that may be worth investing in. Then make an offer for 3 and hopefully get to buy 1 property. No doubt this takes lots of effort. It may be interesting to note that my mother was already doing this many years before the launch of Kiyosaki’s famous book.

All over the world, there are bands of housewives who team up in what is called an “Investment Club”. These teams of housewives are made up of friends and neighbours. They found that after their husbands leave for work in the morning, they usually have an hour or two to spare each day. Their main purpose is to get together, have coffee and look for bargain stocks to buy.

Why, you might ask, would a housewife be an expert in buying stock? My answer is simple; housewives do all the marketing for the household, from groceries to clothes for the children. They are the “shopaholics” of the family. They are the real experts of money in the house! Therefore, they are perfectly suited to look for bargain stocks to buy.

As the housewife bands together with other housewives to invest together, they also minimise the risks of the Stock Market. They share their ideas and thoughts about the stocks they are reviewing and generally have a good time. They share the load of reading the investment articles and help each other make good decisions about their investments.

What could be better than meeting friends, have a good time and make some money on the side? Well, it sure beats complaining about being cooped up at home with the baby!

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