There are many ways of attaining wealth. Today, careers that were frowned upon 50 years ago are now valid paths to riches:

  • Sports. David Beckham (football), Tiger Woods (golf), Muhammad Ali (boxing) and Martina Navatilova (tennis)
  • Computer game developer. Nolan Bushnell (“Pong” computer game), Shigeru Miyamoto (“Super Mario” computer game), Al Lowe (“Leisure Suit Larry” computer game) and Sid Myers (“Civilization” computer game)
  • Music. Vanessa Mae (violinist), Brandy (singer), John Williams (composer) and Richard Clayderman (pianist)

The people in the example above are multi-millionaires. They made their wealth from their unique skills. Gone are the days when studying and being number one in school was the best way to becoming wealthy. Today, actors and sportsmen earn more than the average person can comprehend!

Many years ago, it was expected of a person to receive a good education and then to join a good company. Over the years, through hard work, he will then work his way up the ranks. Hopefully, he will retire at one of the top levels with a tidy pension.

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