Share the Stories of Your Mother

Have you heard of the story of a devoted mother who walked barefoot to work so she could pay for her son’s singing lessons? The legendary tenor Enrico Caruso’s mother did that for him.

Or what about the mother of 5 young children who thought she could not get into the show-business because she was “ugly.” Indeed, Phyllis Diller was ugly but she was also very funny. She became a comedian making fun of her own ugliness at a local night club to help supplement the family income. Today, mention the name  ‘Phyllis Diller” and people start laughing at the Ugly Duckling who became a star!

Maybe you have heard about the story of the mother who threw herself at the feet of a king in order to save her baby from a lying friend?

I am sure you agree we are the products of our parents. Our parents in turn are a products of our grandparents. In short, we are who we are because of the greatness of our ancestors.

We would love to hear your stories about your mother! You do not have to write a story of a thousand words. Just keep it short and interesting.

Send your stories to us by email:

Send it today as a salute to your mother! The best story will receive a prominent area on our website:


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